Better Globe – Concept

This is taken from Better Globe Marketing Material and is subject to change, but is useful in gaining an understanding.  I am an ambassador for Better Globe and receive commission on referrals. 

Contribute to a better world while doing good and making money at the same time!

In Better Globe (referral link) we take on some of the greatest challenges of our time. By planting trees, building schools and providing microcredit, we create a more sustainable and better world for all of us. Since the problems with poverty, lack of education, deforestation and climate destruction, are so gigantic, we need the help of tens of thousands of people who want to contribute to building a better world.

1. We build tree plantations in the semi-desert of eastern Africa
2. Help us plant trees by purchasing monthly donation packages
3.You receive a share of the profit for every tree you own
4.Your expected return from the trees over 20 years

The incentive approach is to buy 12 donation packages and 120 trees annually (can be spread over the calendar year), to receive 20 bonus trees. Which is 223 Euro per month assuming you started in January.

Get involved today Better Globe (referral link).

Contact me today if you’d like to know more, I can either respond by email or we can do a Skype call.

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